Xmas games
by GameBeat

GameBeat reminds you about two exciting slots for the holiday season this winter — Fortune Three Xmas and FruitFellas Xmas Wheel. Those games add a fresh twist to holiday entertainment with both old but gold and innovative gaming features.

Fortune Three Xmas — your favorite classics in a festive atmosphere. Its design captures the holiday's coziness and warmth, offering delightful surprises at every level. This slot is ideal for players seeking a laid-back gaming session.

FruitFellas: Xmas Wheel offers vibrant visuals and exciting challenges. Every spin can lead to significant wins, with a maximum potential of x5000. Our upgraded version of a sensational FruitFellas: Fortune Wheel blends holiday cheer with the thrill of big wins, all with a nostalgic touch and noir vibe.

GameBeat is a trustworthy provider during the holiday gaming season. Our games enhance your gaming experience with visual excitement and engaging gameplay. Join us for a unique holiday adventure where your big wins expectations and pleasurable chill-out time come together.