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Our method follows a systematic approach based on research and conception with a focus on unique gambling experience solutions.
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HTML5 with WebGL
Our high-speed emulation makes our games compatible across all platforms and screen sizes.
Our games reduce battery load, allowing longer play times.
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Our high-efficiency graphics engine provides a faster, smoother gaming experience and a lower CPU load.
Our remote game server supports all game mechanics with a full solution and back office integration.
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Our priority loading and art compression system delivers record-setting load times, giving a seamless entertainment experience.
Our games reduce battery load, allowing longer play times.Our games are optimized for the best experience over a wide range of devices, from low-end mobiles to the premium flagships.
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Unfold the tale of a fearless hunter on his journey throughout the Great Prairies for the search of the treasure hidden in the mysterious Buffalo Dale. The entrance to the Dale is protected by the most dangerous animals trying to stop our hero.
Would he be able to find the place or is it just a legend?
ODIN's Tree
Embark on an exciting adventure at the foot of the sacred and epic Yggdrasil tree — the foundation of all worlds, where the kingdoms of almighty Scandinavian deities rest and mythical creatures along with fantastical beasts live. Three scatters are your ticket to winning big, so try your luck and become the owner of untold riches in the very center of the Universе!

Sea Secret
What are the biggest secrets and mysteries that the bottomless sea hides? Dive headlong into the depths of our new slot that combines hold and win mechanics with the atmosphere of classic Disney cartoons! Find chests and sea spheres that give access to bonus games and become richer than the lord of the sea himself.