STOLBIK 777 by GameBeat has been released, and we are excited to introduce this game-changing slot to our players.

In our latest creation, STOLBIK 777, we're taking a nostalgic journey back to the classic slot machines of the 90s-00s. This game, inspired by the beloved one-reel slots of that era, offers players the opportunity to win a thrilling x10000 from their bets.

We welcome you to explore GameBeat's new game, especially if you have fond memories of the 90s-00s in CIS countries when Stolbiks were a ubiquitous part of the gaming landscape. These simple yet enticing slots captured the hearts of millions of players, and we at GameBeat are determined to recreate the magic of this classic game machine.

STOLBIK 777 transports players back in time to the Post-Soviet era, where the atmosphere is imbued with the grey and somewhat melancholic reality of a changing political landscape. The visuals depict a world where people go about their daily lives, grabbing shaurma or newspapers, against the backdrop of a heavy, rain-threatened sky.

As GameBeat, we are known for our attention to detail in design and creative game mechanics. This slot, in particular, marks a departure from our previous releases, which were characterized by their bright and cartoony themes. STOLBIK 777 introduces a whole new level of thematic depth, adding a touch of realism to our portfolio. Follow our GameBeat Instagram account for updates and enjoy playing STOLBIK 777 in your preferred online casino. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable gaming experience.