Partnership with BetBoom

We're thrilled to announce a long-awaited collaboration with BetBoom.

BetBoom, a major player in the iGaming industry, operates over 300 global locations and daily attracts a vast player base. Teaming up with BetBoom, a powerhouse since 2021, is a big deal for us at GameBeat. Known for our creativity and ambition, this partnership is set to open new horizons, using BetBoom's extensive network to bring our cinematic slot games to an even broader audience.

BetBoom stands as a key player in the industry with impressive global reach and diverse gaming options. Their dedication to delivering thrilling gaming experiences seamlessly aligns with our vision at GameBeat. This partnership promises an immersive gaming journey, blending BetBoom's influence with our captivating approach.

GameBeat can't wait to introduce our highly detailed games to an even wider audience with Betbook. This collaboration ensures that players worldwide can delve into our exciting portfolio. Check out our latest releases on our new partner's website.