Partnership with Atlas-iac

GameBeat is thrilled to announce our latest venture: a partnership with Atlas-IAC, a leader in software development renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in the iGaming arena. This collaboration marks a step in enhancing gaming technology and elevating user experiences.

Originating from Lisbon and Kyiv, Atlas-IAC has made a significant impact with its specialized platform, which features Sportsbooks and Casino elements, designed to improve operations and product quality.

Their platform distinguishes itself with its flexibility, robust security, and scalability, meeting diverse market demands while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

Atlas-IAC's portfolio includes Sportsbook Integration, White Label, and Turnkey solutions, catering to different gaming industry segments.

GameBeat plans to leverage Atlas-IAC's platform to enrich our gaming offerings and provide an unmatched experience to our users. This partnership symbolizes a blend of GameBeat's creativity and Atlas-IAC's technological expertise, underscoring our commitment to driving innovation and setting new standards in the digital gaming world.