Partnership with Betconstruct

Betconstruct and GameBeat recently joined forces, marking a significant collaboration. With Betconstruct's extensive gaming experience spanning two decades and its global recognition for innovation, this partnership brings exciting growth opportunities.

Betconstruct is a leader not only in iGaming but also in the broader IT industry. Broadcasting over 70,000 events monthly and offering more than 50 proprietary products, the company has been providing cutting-edge solutions for the betting and gaming sectors since 2003. This is why Betconstruct is a well-deserved global award-winning developer and provider.

GameBeat warmly embraces each new partnership. We firmly believe that collaboration drives progress and success. With Betconstruct as our ally, we eagerly anticipate reaching new heights and achieving significant milestones.

Betconstruct, your trust is highly appreciated, and we look forward to establishing new connections. It's through partnerships like ours that we enhance our collective strength.