One follower — one euro

Join GameBeat's Instagram challenge for a great cause. We're excited to introduce a new trend: from February 23 to March 22, we commit to donating one euro to charity for every new follower on our Instagram account.

All the money collected during this period will go to support GambleAware. The math is simple: The more followers we get, the more money we contribute. If we reach 100 followers, that's a 100-euro donation, and with an impressive 10,000 followers, we'll happily contribute 10,000 euros.

Spread the word and encourage your friends to follow. Every euro counts, and together, we can make a real difference. Follow us on Instagram and be part of the change.

Stay tuned for weekly updates every Friday. Currently, our Instagram has 1124 followers. Let's see how much this number will grow in just one week. Thank you for being a part of this movement and helping us make a positive impact.