New website

We've just released our brand-new website, marking a significant transformation in our online presence. We're excited to introduce you to our revamped, more user-friendly, and modern website starting today.

Since our inception in 2021, we have adhered to our tried-and-true «Old but Gold» website version. During this time, we dedicated ourselves to creating vibrant games, fostering new partnerships, and cultivating a robust corporate culture. Our website's sections for Partners, Games, and Careers are a testament to these efforts.

Now, we're taking a fresh approach to our marketing strategy, and the first step in this direction is launching our brand-new website. We've chosen to maintain our distinct brand colors of green, black, and white while embracing a minimalist design and dynamic imagery.

With a portfolio of over 20 games, we're on a quest to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. Despite the diverse designs of our games, the characters from popular titles like «Fortune Five Double» and «Frog Space Program» seamlessly coexist on our new website.