Interview for
Polskie Kasyna Online


In a recent interview with PolskieKasynaOnline, Timur Todua, GameBeat's Client Director, shared insights about the company's journey and future goals.

He shared information about his professional journey and extensive experience in the iGaming industry, starting from an affiliate program and coming to his current role at GameBeat. Timur discussed how GameBeat was set up to bring more creativity and player-focused design to slots, which has been a driving force behind innovative games.

One of the significant successes mentioned was the game "Wolf of Wild Street," which combined engaging themes and innovative gameplay mechanics. Timur explained GameBeat's multi-faceted promotion strategies, including digital marketing, social media engagement, and industry networking.

Looking ahead, GameBeat aims to expand its game portfolio, explore new technologies, and strengthen its presence in emerging markets. The company remains dedicated to delivering high-quality, player-centric games that push the boundaries of the iGaming industry.

For a deeper dive into the interview and more about GameBeat's plans, visit PolskieKasynaOnline and read a full interview in Polish.