Interview for iGaming Express

In a fiercely competitive world of iGaming, GameBeat has boldly stepped into the spotlight with a unique and unconventional campaign. While most gaming companies rely on traditional advertising and partnerships, we've chosen an out-of-the-box approach, engaging potential players through one of the world's most popular dating apps: Tinder.

The "FruitFellas on Tinder" campaign has garnered significant attention and discussion within the industry. Soňa Sverdlová, Head of Marketing at GameBeat, shed light on the concept behind this groundbreaking initiative. The campaign involves three Tinder accounts strategically targeted to their primary geographic locations, aiming to gain deep insights into the preferences and profiles of their potential player base. By delving into details like age, pet ownership, color preferences, and hobbies, GameBeat Studio seeks to create games tailored to its audience, underlining the importance of truly understanding its players.

This creative approach highlights the significance of thinking innovatively and adaptively in a saturated marketplace. GameBeat Studio's daring move into the world of online dating showcases the need for ongoing innovation and the courage to explore uncharted territories in the continually evolving iGaming landscape. This campaign could inspire other providers to break free from convention and embark on their unique marketing journeys, ultimately reshaping the industry's strategies.

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