Interview for GBC Time

GBC Time took an exclusive interview with GameBeat's Head of Marketing, Soňa Sverdlová. Since the last interview, GameBeat has been busy, launching new hits, including Fruitfellas: Fortune Wheel and Wolf of Wild Street.

Soňa shared with us GameBeat's unique approach to understanding its target audience. They meticulously analyze casino charts and game stats, identifying trends and player preferences — but they don't stop there. They employ unconventional methods like guerilla marketing on Telegram or user profiling on Tinder to gain deeper insights into player behavior and preferences. These insights are then used to tailor games more effectively. Their recent educational initiatives, such as the Investment Guide for Wolf of Wild Street and the Beer Guide for St. Patrick’s Day, are informative and interactive, enhancing both the gaming experience and knowledge of the players.

In 2024, GameBeat focused on deeper collaboration with partners, creating five branded games such as BetAndreas Fortune and Buffalo Richard Dale. These games seamlessly integrate partners’ branding with GameBeat’s creative worlds, enriching player experience and boosting brand visibility.

As the last question , GBC Time asked about the position of Professional Gambler. Soňa said that the position will enhance the Marketing team very soon. The hiring process involved candidates sharing their top game preferences and discussing their playing patterns and casino choices.

The full interview awaits all the tempted readers via the link.