at iGB L!VE

Meet GameBeat team at iGB L!VE in Amsterdam. As always, iGB L!VE brings together industry pros, leaders, and professionals from around the globe to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the iGaming industry.

Our dynamic team will be on-site, ready to connect and collaborate. Timur will catch up with our old clients and analyze a fast-moving market to further elevate GameBeat's strategy. Diana, Ivan, and Askar will engage with potential partners to showcase GameBeat's innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Sofia Sverdlova will network with industry peers to share knowledge and gather insights to enhance GameBeat's offerings.

We plan to attend several panel discussions and networking events, making the most of this fantastic opportunity to find new friends, partners, and like-minded professionals. Staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving iGaming landscape is our top priority.

Let's discuss potential collaborations, explore new trends, and exchange ideas at iGB L!VE. Together, we can shape the future of iGaming and drive the industry forward.