FruitFellas: Xmass Wheel: Overview

Our media partner, OCR, recently covered the launch of GameBeat's FruitFellas: X-mas Wheel, a holiday version of FruitFellas Fortune Wheel. Released on December 1st, this Christmas slot game combines noir elements with holiday cheer. OCR points out that the game creates an engaging Christmas world with a gangster twist.

OCR mentions that FruitFellas: X-mas Wheel keeps the original game's slot features, like multipliers and extra gamble options, but adds a festive touch. The game's setting transforms into a winter wonderland, combining noir and holiday themes. Players join fruit characters in this setting with a chance to win up to x5000, adding excitement to the holiday season.

Additionally, OCR notes that FruitFellas: X-mas Wheel is more than just a holiday version. It shows GameBeat's creative game design, offering a unique holiday gaming experience. The game is available in multiple languages, highlighting the studio's commitment to global accessibility.

OCR emphasizes GameBeat's skill in creating seasonal game versions. For more details, you can follow the link to their full article. FruitFellas: X-mas Wheel merges slot gaming excitement with a holiday theme, providing a special gaming experience for the holidays.