Frog Space Program: Overview

Colin Rodgers introduces the unique and adorable world of Frog Space Program, a slot game developed by GameBeat. Contrary to what one might initially think, the concept of launching a frog into space for a slot game isn't as silly as it sounds.

The slot game draws inspiration from an actual historical event where NASA sent bullfrogs into orbit in the 1970s to study the effects of weightlessness. While the mission was a success, the frogs were not returned to Earth, and the article humorously pays tribute to these "amphibi-nauts".

In Frog Space Program, players encounter a cute frog in a rocket ship, serving as the wild symbol. This wild symbol not only substitutes for other symbols to create winning combinations but also triggers the Jumping Wild feature when involved in a winning combination. This feature moves the wild symbol to another spot on the reels, triggers a respin, and introduces a Multiplier Strip feature that increases the multiplier with each subsequent win.

The article highlights the charming and entertaining nature of the slot, praising its introductory sequence and the absence of a free spins feature to maintain its simplicity. It's noted that the slot, while enjoyable, has high volatility, meaning that consistent small wins aren't guaranteed. To win the slot's maximum payout of €250,000 (with a 5,000x max multiplier), players may need to bet €50 per spin. Frog Space Program offers an RTP of 96.33%.

Colin Rodgers also recommends trying out other GameBeat slots like Sea Secret, but concludes that Frog Space Program is, in his opinion, GameBeat's best game to date and has become one of his top five favorite slots.

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