Vote for the character

GameBeat has started a vote to pick the character who will announce the results of our ongoing challenge.

Every Friday, updates about the challenge are shared by a character from our wide range of games. For example, in a recent update, Max Miner, a beloved character from one of our popular games, voiced the results. To make the experience more interactive and involve our community, we've decided to let you choose the character.

On the upcoming Friday, March 22nd, we'll reveal the exciting finale of our "One Euro — One Follower" campaign. We're excited to see the results of this vote and share them with you in our next update. Your vote not only decides the character but also informs us about your preferred personas, allowing us to make our games even cooler.

To make your vote, simply visit our official LinkedIn page, where you'll find a selection of five amazing heroines from our games. Pick the character that resonates with you the most, and let us know your choice by reacting under the post with an emoji.