BetConstruct competition


GameBeat participates in the prestigious BetConstruct competition.

We are proud to reveal that two of our innovative games — Mr. First of Wild Street and Mr.First's Ark — are set to win the main prize in the BetConstruct challenge.

Mr. First of Wild Street stands out in the competitive Best Online Casino Games category. In this world, Mr.First is on his way to becoming the ultimate Wild Street tycoon. With its dynamic graphics, electrifying sound effects, and many thrilling gameplay features, this slot offers an unmatched experience for players looking to strike it rich.

Our game, Mr.First's Ark, will compete in the Best Game Design category, highlighting the exceptional creativity and approach we bring to BetConstruct. Mr.First builds the majestic vessel, gathers pairs of every animal, and navigates the great flood. It's a thrilling adventure, letting the players experience the legend in a new way.

This competition is a significant milestone for GameBeat. It highlights our achievements and provides an excellent opportunity to connect with a broader audience. The voting stage kicks off on July 6th, and we will ensure that everyone is kept updated via our social networks.