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Frog Space Program
Journey to the distant stars — how intriguing and always captivating it is, just like in the game Frog Space Program, where on the 3x3 reels with delightful cartoonish graphics, you can encounter various symbols related to space. It's enough to collect 3 identical symbols on one of the winning lines to achieve a win. But it would all be quite straightforward if it weren't for the leaping Wild symbol in the form of a whimsical frog in a rocket. When the Wild symbol lands in a winning combination, a strip with multipliers and respins is activated, after which the Wild symbol jumps to any other position on the game field. If the Wild symbol lands in a winning combination again, the strip with multipliers multiplies the win by the corresponding multiplier. And so it continues until the Wild symbol stops landing in winning combinations. With each successful leap, the multipliers on the strip double, so the more leaps, the larger the multipliers each win involving the Wild symbol will receive.
juicy Do Three
New Juicy Do with 3x3 game board
Juicy Do Five
Great samurais never remain idle, as constant battles and legendary clashes accompany them throughout their life's journey. Only retirement stands as a barrier before the great warriors, except for our hero, whose goal has become the production of juice from juicy and elegantly sliced fruits. By utilizing their skills in precise and swift cutting, the samurai manages to produce a plentiful amount of juice, which is gladly purchased by the residents of nearby villages. Slice fruits accurately and swiftly alongside our hero and reap significant profits, for the more juice, the greater the profit.
Far away in the Celestial Empire, the Xiao Imperial Dynasty wisely rules in peace and prosperity, collecting gold and riches. People tell legends about mystery of Xiao family and Xiao's Treasure, but nobody have ever seen them. Be the first one who will solve the secret of the Xiao family and get to the locked treasury, where the myriad riches of the imperial dynasty are stored.
Unfold the tale of a fearless hunter on his journey throughout the Great Prairies for the search of the treasure hidden in the mysterious Buffalo Dale. The entrance to the Dale is protected by the most dangerous animals trying to stop our hero.
Would he be able to find the place or is it just a legend?
ODIN's Tree
Embark on an exciting adventure at the foot of the sacred and epic Yggdrasil tree — the foundation of all worlds, where the kingdoms of almighty Scandinavian deities rest and mythical creatures along with fantastical beasts live. Three scatters are your ticket to winning big, so try your luck and become the owner of untold riches in the very center of the Universе!

Sea Secret
What are the biggest secrets and mysteries that the bottomless sea hides? Dive headlong into the depths of our new slot that combines hold and win mechanics with the atmosphere of classic Disney cartoons! Find chests and sea spheres that give access to bonus games and become richer than the lord of the sea himself.
Gold sound luxury.
Help Max the Miner dig as deep as you can to achieve infinite gold supplies. Explode TNTs, drive the cart and mine as many pieces of gold as you can.

BOOM! Don't forget to wear a helmet!
Max Miner
Classic 5-reel slot machine loved by our players with the new double symbols which will take your winning to another level.
Fortune Five Double
Cover your skin from the heat of desert's sun on a thrilling journey along ancient Egypt Scarabs and the magic of almighty pharaohs are what you are going to face. "Buy Feature" will bring you right to the books of ancient's knowledge where you may find the precious bounty. Stock up on water supplies and join the adventure.
Book of Ancients
Have you ever seen the blue sea becoming a storm in a blink of the eye? That is the deed of almighty Lord of The Seas! But hey, a calm sea never makes a good sailor! Get your heroic bravery, sail to the middle of the sea to discover the treasures of the depths, guarded by almighty Poseidon!
Lord of The Seas
Fortune 3 is one of our most played games. This game is loved among classic slot fans all across the world. Due to upcoming holidays we prepared Christmas version which includes new animations, graphics and sound effects.
Fortune Three Xmas
Welcome to the witch hut! Black cats, pointy hats, shiny pots, and glowing mushroom stew! Seems cosy enough. But be aware of charming and powerful witches guarding their treasures. What riddles will you have to solve and spells to learn in the hunt for epic Witch Treasures?
Witch Treasures
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of bright emotions in the African expanses following the tracks of a buffalo and meet numerous inhabitants of these places on your way. The Buffalo African buffalo is a very careful animal, be brave and attentive, watch the development of the game and let luck accompany you!
Buffalo Trail
Have you ever tried savanna heat? Raging Lion will let you explore vast and mysterious African savannas. Enjoy the sun-drenched lands in a safari-experience seeking for the African symbol of pride and glory, the raging lion himself!
Raging Lion
What kind of King would you become, a courageous warrior or perhaps most august political genius? Choose your path through the mysterious promised land of Camelot facing fair noble ladies and resilient knights. Join the game and claim the Throne of Camelot!
Throne of Camelot
Uh-oh, scary monsters are out to hunt! Check your armor and hit the road to get the legendary elixir of immortality. To do this, you will have to defeat all the monsters on your way. Get your weapons ready!
Dangerous Monster
Introducing a brand-new game about the era of the Aztecs. Feel the desire of travelers to obtain the wealth of the tribe that worships the golden idol!
Travel to ancient Egypt and be the first one to throw light on its mysteries. With a lucky amulet at hand, you'll obtain infinite riches!
Book of Hor
Welcome to the world of magic. Join a young alchemist, explore the artifacts, and find a way of obtaining gold through spells and potions. Let the magic happen!
Book of Elixir
Here is another classic 5-reel slot machine in a new modern interpretation. More fruits, more fun, more chances! Make your way to a great fortune!
Fortune Five
Try this modern take on a classic 3-reel slot machine. Juicy fruits will work up a strong appetite for victory. When the reels are filled with one fruit, the winnings are doubled. Good luck!
Fortune three